One 2 One Training

Learn as you build your website. This course is aimed at the first time builder and gently guides you through 1StopHosting's method of setting up a website. Learn as you build your website is the easiest and most practical way to learn with the benefit of a working website when you have finished your course. It is a well known fact, you are more likely to learn using all your senses on this practical hands-on approach rather than just studying books. Doing both theory and practical together makes understanding easier. Once the basics are understood then you can progress to a higher level.

This course covers 
    The importance of planning
    Deciding and registering your domain
    Obtaining your Hosting 
    Building your website using online web builder
    Uploading and Testing
    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Setting up emails on your domain

As these courses are run on a one to one basis they are designed to cover the needs of that one individual who dictates the speed and what is to be learnt.

An alternative to One 2 One is the Group Workshop which is obviously very much cheaper since the costs are shared. Before each course we take into consideration each attendee's capabilities and objectives by sending out a questionnaire so that we can plan each course to achieve it's maximum effectiveness.  The main disadvantage is everyone has to learn at the same rate and on the same project/subject. Numbers are strictly limited so that I can give some time to each individual.

A new career professionally building websites. This can range from setting up sites by template to fully custom built sites with CSS and Flash etc.

Interesting hobby Many families are running their own websites. As many families are now spread around the world, family news photos even a wedding was put live on the net. This site can be open to all or restricted by a password.

Maintenance and updating web sites - This is an ideal course for web site owners who have had their site and wish to be able to updated the site themselves without relying on outside help.

Help one 2 one by the hour - Normally to help or resolve a specific problem but could be on any subject. This normally at your place and on your computer that you are having the problem. Can also be via web, email and telephone this can be very cost effective as it cuts out the travelling costs. 

Special courses We are 100% flexible everything is designed around you and your aims. 

Venue your place or ours

Since each course is individually tailored, it is pointless in giving a complete list of possible subjects.

If you are interesting in a one 2 one course please fill in the form with your details, level of expertise and expectations and I will contact you on cost which can be spread over the course.

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