HTML Colour Picker

Welcome to 1Stops simple colour picker page. You can show 7 different colours and compare them.

To change the colour in one of the selection boxes, just click in the box. A dropdown colour selection box will appear. On the main left hand box move the cross to the colour required.

To darken the colour, pull the arrow on the right hand strip downwards or upwards to lighten. With a little experimentation you will soon be able to generate the colour you require.

For a grey, select white in the main right hand box and darken with the left hand box.

To hide the selection box just click any where on the page.

 # 1

 # 2

 # 3

 # 4

 # 5

 # 6

 # 7

The hexadecimal code for that colour is shown in the input box, don't forget the hash (#) in front of the hexadecimal code (this tells the browser that the number is hexadecimal rather than decimal. ie #FFFFFF = 255,255,255 decimal or 100% Red, 100% Green, 100% Blue (all methods specifies white).

If your website is being designed for you quote the code(s) for the colour required to be applied to which text, background or border to your designer. To avoid typing errors I would suggest to use copy and paste.

I you are designing the site yourself, copy and paste the code into your page html code <font color="#6D9FC7"> or css code "color:#6D9FC7;" no spaces and do not forget the "#" and the American spelling of "color" (only one spelling allowed in order to standardise the browser code). Whilst there are many ways of specifying the colour it's simpler to stick to just one method. The main colours can be specified by name ie; red, green, blue, etc., however some older browsers may not recognise these terms so it is safer to stick with hexadecimal.


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