Both Remote and Local Computers


After your website has been designed and installed it is necessary to maintain and keep it up to date. i.e. ensuring that the items, prices, articles etc., are all current. This is very necessary for a professional image. Nothing worst that for the client to find that the price has increased or that its now out of date!


This can be any thing from a slight change to a complete redesign or rebuild from scratch. It may be that you have a new product and wish to promote it a on new page or add it to an existing page.


Perhaps part or all of your website is not functioning as you would wish. Whatever you need doing just contact me. It doesn't matter if somebody else created or is hosting the site. It still can be left with that Host or moved to our servers, the choice is yours.

EMAILS - Both the Server and Local Computer Maintenance

After the initial setting up of the remote server and local computers will need keeping up to date as new personal join requiring new email addresses. General practice is to use "Outlook" or similar email client in the office and webmail, mobile broadband or "Blackberry" on the road. This can all be done for you or train yourself or your staff member(s) to do this.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Do you need your website optimised for the search engines?
Let us consider the problem - As an example, say a builder and who would like to come first on a search. Obviously not everyone can be first! Searching for "builder" on Google I found 127,000,000 only the first 10 are shown. Ideally everyone wishes to be one on top one or at least be on the first page. Obviously not this is not possible. Even if it was possible then somebody else can see what you have done to get yourself on the first page and go one better pushing you off the first the page! So it can be an ongoing battle.



Please use the enquires form or contact me with your requirements and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

General Enquiry

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