My Mission Statement

My mission is to help small business to succeed who in turn help me to succeed. I do this by providing personal and online help and tips via my website. See articles Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and glossary and by my Free Business Club which provides free articles and tips on a regular basis to help everyone not just our clients but everybody who I hope will eventually become my clients although they are not compelled to.

My main business is creating bespoke websites under the banner 1StopWebs with professional email addresses plus maintenance, updating, revamping existing websites and resolving specific problems. Setting up auto-responders, which includes databases with facilities for their clients to automatic subscribing and unsubscribing thus taking the hard work out of email marketing and other specialist software. Setting up outlook for filtering of wanted emails into special folders and unwanted junk emails.

Many my clients know I have extensive knowledge on many subjects and I am often asked for advice and technical help on web and non-web related subjects. See my work history. As an added bonus, I enjoy the work, creating things, and the challenge of making things work both software and hardware.

My Personal Background

Provide a good quality and personal service.

Being a one man business I do not need an elaborate system to monitor the quality my services. Most of my clients I know on personal and on friendly basics I speak to them regularly so I know how they are getting and get a constant feedback. Each client has different needs so I specifically tailor my services to their specific requirements. Some for example, need their site updating on a weekly basis so I am in weekly contact. Another client wished to update his site himself but lacked the expertise to design the site so I designed the site for him and specially added comment tags for him to show what bits he could change without messing up the layout. I am in frequent contact with him and advising on various aspects. Some of the advice is two way. was setup as some clients wish to do everything themselves. This is on online shop where you can buy domains, hosting space with free web building tools, templates and everything else needed to build your own website. This has the failsafe if they have problems they can call on my personal expert help knowing that I will resolve their problem. This service is ideal for new start-ups. The benefit is that these company tends to have a lack of cash and clients but have the time to spend on making their own website. Whereas an established company has the clients but not the time making my bespoke service the more beneficial option for them.

The measure of the quality of my service.
The service I provide is an ongoing service. If one provides a poor service then clients will leave. On the other hand existing happy clients will come back time and time again also will happily recommend new clients to me. Recommendation is the best and most effective form of advertising. They must be confident that I will provide a good service because nobody wants complaints and they don’t want the person they recommend to complain back to them. In fact that I spend very little money on advertising and mainly rely on referrals from existing clients for new business proves that my existing clients are happy to recommend satisfied with my service.


Two Levels Services shows my two web services under the heading “Save Money” / “Save Time…” And explains the options then “The choice is yours! Or a bit of each!

  1. A DIY service which is catered for by This is an online shop providing Domains and Hosting are registered by the client and run in real time with payment taken online. Since the client does all the work (DIY) I can keep the costs low making this is the cheapest option. However, if they find due to the lack of time or for whatever reason, the website cannot be completed then they can always fullback on my personal service.
  2. A complete professional bespoke service under this is the complete opposite to the DIY service with everything done for you starting with a complete analysis of your business, what you are expecting from your website and a feasibility study of what is practical. To the uploading and commissioning of the site.

Your Choice DIY or Bespoke

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