Notes: There are two "Outlooks" Outlook Express & Microsoft Office Outlook don't get the two mixed up. This guide is for Microsoft Office Outlook. If you not sure which just click on  help then about. For Office Outlook Guide click here.

Be aware that computers are not very forgiving - a comma (,) on the screen may look like a period (.) depending on font size and type.
Punctuation, spaces and case is of the utmost importance. Everything case sensitive.

I advise copying and paste to avoid typing errors – make sure when copying you don’t get any unwanted extras ie spaces, tabs or returns

First make sure your local network is functioning correctly and you have access to the web by open a webpage.
If you are viewing this as a web page then you are OK.

You may have a security or firewall setting which is barring you from the web.


I recommend using pop3 account if only one computer is going to be used as it is quicker since the e-mails are held on the local computer and not on the remote server.
Note after down loading the email it is deleted on the server which is why you cannot down load the same e-mails onto another computer.
if more than one computer going to used for the same email account then use Incoming server (IMAP)
Note: this only loads the headers on to the computer and must be online since the e-mails are held on the server to open the e-mail and is a lot slower.

Open Microsoft Outlook and open the "E-mail Accounts" box from Tools (menu) > Accounts > Add New E-mail Account.

Select pop3 or imap

NOTE: for IMAP "Incoming server (IMAP)" insert

NOTE: user information "Your Name" can be in any format or style and shows on the header from.
E-mail address shows what ever address you wish the recipient to rely to.

To setup Outlook Express to work with your 1Stophosting Internet mail account please follow these instructions.
Start Outlook Express and select the Tools menu. From here select 'Accounts'


In the window that appears press the 'Add' button and then select 'Mail...'

Enter your name as you would like it to appear to people who receive emails from you. Then click 'Next'.

Enter the email address that you want to use and that you have setup with Heart Internet. Then click 'Next'.

Now enter your incoming and outgoing servers. For the incoming server you should enter mail.'' – substituting your own domain name for For the outgoing mail server you should enter mail.'' as before. Then click Next.

NOTE: the quotes to be left out.

To finish you need to enter your username (which is your full email address) and password for your mail account. You can view your username and password in eXtend. Once entered please click Next and then Finish.

To allow you to send mail through our mail server you now need to make a small change to the properties of the account. Select 'Properties' from the 'Accounts' window.
You need to click the tick-box that says 'My server requires authentication' or 'This server requires me to log on' and then click 'OK' and 'Close':

You should now be able to send and receive emails.

It is very unlikely that the main server will be wrong.

so if still having problems double check your setting against the data in the email sent to you managed accounts or in your eXtend control panel.

Be aware that computers are not very forgiving a comma (,) on the screen may look like a period (.) depending on font size and type.
Punctuation, spaces and case (capitals or lower letters) is of the utmost importance. The slightest variation is the difference between working and not working.

If still having problems send me an e-mail with the screen shots of your setting.

To copy the screen box hold Control key while pressing "Print Screen" key (next to F12)
Go to a working email account on the same computer press Control V.
If no working e-mail on that computer paste screen shots into word.

When finished save the document onto a memory stick send it or e-mail from a different computer to me.

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