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Testimonials from some of my clients

Clicking on the website icon will open that website in a new window. I would suggest when you finish viewing that website you close the window to avoid having too many windows open at the same time.

Our One Stop Shop - This link will open in a new windowOur Online Shop with real time registering of domains and hosting

Buy your domain and hosting online in real time, it is set up in minutes and start building your website immediately. You have your own Control Panel where you build, install, setup and control all aspects of your website and emails. Use use your favourite software or our special online WebBuilder (no HTML coding needed), together with 500+ templates, 100,000+ photos, clipart and online help plus many special scripts to enhance your site. All this gives you the benefits that you have full control over your own website without relying on others together with a great saving on costs.

Glaciana water - This link will open in a new windowElaborate Multi Language Flash Site with sound

This website is an elaborate multi language flash based site which expands automatically to fit the size of the viewing browser. First you selected your language, then a Flash into with skip and sound control panel leading to the main section. The background has a flash water ripple effect. The menus and special effects are all flash driven.

Glitterball with opening and shutting stage curtains - This link will open in a new windowElaborate Very Large Flash Site with stage curtains that open

This site has many pictures including a gallery with 64 pictures the total size 25mbtyes. To reduce the loading time the site is in 5 layers so that the elements which repeat are only loaded once. The smaller pictures used as buttons are cloned from the main pictures this means the image is only loaded once and flash generates the icon from the main image instead of downloading a separate image. The website is separated into sections and loaded when called for, whist this means there are short loading delays between sections instead of a initial massive delay at the start before any thing happens and the suffer probably loses interest

John Glynn - This link will open in a new windowSite with Order Page with background music

This site is updated weekly to keep the "thought of the week" current. Online shop has CD's and music for sale. This has the options for either email the order or for postal orders a down load a editable word document so that the client can fill in the details in word whist displayed on the screen then print with complete with order details. To prevent the form wrongly edited all "fixed" data is locked to prevent alteration and only the clients and order details are changeable. These sections are indicated by coloured square brackets. Another option is a PDF version which can be downloaded printed then filled in.

Template designed to be updated by my client - This link will open in a new windowCSS Driven and designed to be updated by the client

This site is designed to be updated and maintained by the client in order to reduce his cost. The site locks the important code to prevent accidental changes during editing by the site owner to prevent upsetting the general layout. The text and layout styles are set by the css sheet so that a common style and look is maintained though out  the site. These styles can be over ridden by the page code if necessary.  It also uses our In-Touch auto-responder which automatically maintains the email lists allowing clients to subscribe and unsubscribe to the lists so that relevant emails can be sent to clients. Many different lists can be used. Each responder operates completely independently. see In-Touch demo

Very simple site - This link will open in a new windowSimple One Page Static Site

Many of our clients are only interested in a professional email address and do not require a web presence. The free email address ie., yourname@yahoo.com or @hotmail etc., do not give a profession image. They may be free which is why an advert (which you have no control and why it's "free") is attached to each email that you send. To have the name of your choice after the @ symbol a domain name needs to be registered. The ".com", ".co.uk" etc., depends where it is registered. If "www." replaces the front and @ symbol it will go to the website. To prevent "page not found" error in the absence of a website, a reserved page is used. An better alternative to this reserved page is a simple one personalised web page. This one is a simple scan of his leaflet. This can be produced from existing artwork or from scratch. When you are ready expanded to a full blown website.

Business card site - This link will open in a new windowVery Simple One Page from Business Card

I have included this site to demonstrate to that websites do not need to cost a fortune since we already had designed the artwork for his cards. You might be thinking that we could have used a full colour photo of a woodpecker instead of a line drawing. It certainly would look more colourful but we kept to the same image used on their company stationery to give a coordinated corporate image. Full colour on the web is free but unfortunately is expensive to print.

Training Standards - This link will open in a new windowSite with Flash banner, Multi Choice Forms and PDF downloads

This site has been running for many years. As the conferences constantly changing, the booking forms and PDF downloadable leaflets need regular updating to keep everything current.

The booking forms are pre-filled with conference title, drop-down boxes give a preset choice of dates, venues and special needs to make it easier for the client to complete and alleviate typing errors. After the program checks to ensure all sections are completed, it then emails to the booking centre.

The conference page has rows of courses, together with their dates, venues, a PDF leaflet download and booking form pre-filled for that specific course.
The consultants are bookmarks to the actual consultant on the consultant page.
The flash banner restarts on each new page.

Turismo UK - has many pictures - This link will open in a new windowSite with small Images which link to very large versions

Due to the quantity and the fact that many are very hi-resolution it is not a site for dial-up working. This site has many car images - selecting a car, takes you to a page which has more images on the same car either different view or stage of production. Clicking on an image in the image gallery shows a very high resolution Picture. If you are into hi-performance custom cars, well worth a visit!

Sindu Mahal - This link will open in a new windowSite with Photo Gallery and Auto Changing Images

This site shows many pictures with changes to the next picture after a few seconds. The photo gallery page show all the pictures on the site as small icons. Clicking on any one brings up a hi-resolution detailed picture. Each picture has the company name and copyright embedded into the picture. Unfortunately this is the only way of enforcing copyright. We can embed the pictures, disable right click and make it more difficult but any software protection can always be overridden.

Regency Insurance Services - This link will open in a new windowSite with different navigation options

An company offering different types of insurances, clicking on any of the four panels on the home page links to there respective page.
The same page can also be reached via the menu drop-downs. Also on each page there are "previous" and "next" navigation buttons on the insurance pages to save going back through the menu. Together with short cuts to the enquiry page. Emphasis on design was to be easy navigation. The contact form which will email back the enquirers details.

Premier Designs - This link will open in a new windowFive sites in one - Flash into - introducing the brand names

This is actually five separate flash sites. Premier Designs introduces its brand names. Clicking on to the brand logo redirects to that brand site. Due to the high number of hi-res pictures a good broadband connection is necessary to load quickly.
An alternative method is to use low-res pictures then when the viewer clicks on that picture then only one picture is downloaded at a time. As the site written in Flash, the complete section must be downloaded before is starts.

Ground Force - This link will open in a new windowSite with dropdown Menus and home page direct access to all pages

An African based surveying company with a mission (see home page). The home page designed to give simple straight forward access to all pages. The site was design with dial-up in mind. The company's leaflets can be downloaded as PDFs which can be either printed or viewed online.
The contact form which will email back the enquirers details.

TickledPink Productions - This link will open in a new windowSite with PDF Downloads for the Teachers

Tickled Pink Productions provides entertainment to community venues including halls, day centres, nursing and residential homes, hospitals and schools. Since the company is a travelling company it relies totally on the website as its shop window. So the site has to show just what the company has to offer. The shows page uses the artwork we designed for their leaflets. On the schools page there are downloadable booking forms and flyers for the schools to use.

Some testimonials from my clients

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