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Benefits of building your own website

Some of the many benefits of building your own website- save money, a sense of achievement, do not need to rely on others, is easier to update or change yourself.

Build your own website...
You need 3 things - (A) Domain Name, (B) Hosting Space & (C) Site Design
I have simplified the process as much as possible...
... just follow the instructions step by step

Help in Obtaining your Domain and Hosting

1StopHosting shop screen shotThis may at first seem a bit daunting. So I have broken the process in to simple steps. Just take each step one step at a time. First obtain your domain name and your hosting space. I have created a Flash interactive instructions showing how easy this is to do. I have used actual screen shots with superimposed instructions which you will find easy to follow. I would welcome your feedback on how easy you found this to follow and any areas or items that you require help on. To minimise the download time I have split them into sections making it easy to revise on a particular subject. I will be adding new subjects that clients request.
Click here to obtain your domain and hosting.

Tuition on obtaining your Domain and Hosting Space

Build your site with our Online WebBuilder

Screenshot of WebBuilderOur online WebBuilder is free with 1StopHosting Just simply follow the step by step instructions, filling in the forms presented. You can pre-view and make any changes your require. When publish your site will become live and viewable by anyone entering your domain name. Even after going live changes can be made at any time. This shows just how easy it is to build yourself a web site using our online WebBuilder without any technical knowledge.

You can always add, delete or change pages at a later date.

You can make up to 5 backups or store different sites. I recommend that you always backup your site before you make any changes in case your changes do not have the desired effect and wish to undo these changes.

Have different sites set up for example, you can have site setup for Christmas, Easter etc. and after the event save the site for the next time and reinstate a different site for the rest of the year. This way you can very quickly keep your site relevant to the times.

Online WebBuilder

Build your site with your favourite software

Our eXtend Control Panel has it own file management and FTP applications or you can use any FTP program. Most web building programs include a means of uploading your website, ie Dream Weaver, FrontPage, serif. This section is mainly aimed at the beginner, so I have kept it simple. I offer one 2 one and group tuition on more advance subjects.


Login to direct to eXtend Control Panel or to the Customer Centre

You have two logins
1. Login direct to your eXtend Control Panel, from here you control your website and emails. This is the most used login, it bypasses the Customer Control Centre. 
2. Login to your Customer Centre to change your address, contact email or any other account details. or Buy additional domains or add-ons, renew your domain or hosting services.

These details will be emailed to you in your welcome email.

How to Login

Setting up your Email Server

Now you have your domain is running you can set up your e-mail addresses on this domain. The format will be there can be many different names on one main name.

Setting up your Email Server

Collecting your Emails using Outlook Office

Note: There are two "Outlooks", "Outlook Express" (the free version) and "Microsoft Office Outlook" don't get two confused between the two. If you not sure which "Outlook" you are using, within "Outlook" click on "help" menu then click "about..." It will display which "Outlook and the version you are using.

Microsoft Office Outlook

Collecting your Emails using Outlook Express

Outlook Express comes with XP operating system. It lacks some of the appointment and contact features but as an email client it is quite adequate

Outlook Express

WebmailScreenshot of Webmail, Calendar and Organiser

YOUR ONLINE OFFICE. Email manager. Address Book. Appointment Manager. Calendar. Editor, font size, style and colour, indents, bullet points, line numbering etc. Save as draft reopen and edit. Receive and send your emails direct from your server from any location and any computer. You can create, edit, store, delete and organise your folders online from any computer.


Free Online Training and Help

There is extensive online help given by interactive flash movie containing screen shots with overlaid instructions.

Adobe Flash Player is required to view these files. Should you not have this installed you will be automatically given the opportunity to download the free player.

Free Online Training and Help

Free Online Support Database

Support DatabaseAn extensive free online database is available to everyone. You can search for keywords or phrases. If you have not registered, you will be asked to fill in your details.

In case you are worried about registering, please note: that you are not committing yourself in anyway. Your are not even committing yourself by adding items to the Basket, this only put the items in your basket. You are given the opportunity to delete any unwanted items when it shows what's in your basket.

Payment is only taken after you click "Complete Order" and even then you still have to confirm the payment.

Free Online Suport Database

HELP and TUITION - personal and group

This is mainly intended to solve a specific problem and can be on almost anything. It doesn't have to be a website that we created, control, host or even web related. It could be computer or a software problem. I have years of experience on electronic servicing and running different businesses.  In most cases can be provided via the web, email, msn, voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or a mixture. For example we can both be viewing the problem online and at the same time speaking directly to you. I can remotely access the server and see just what is going on. This save both time and travelling making it very cost effective.

Can also be face to face (121). If the problem is setting up your computer to collect your emails for example, this may have to be done on your computer at your premises....

DIY services are provided at the lowest possible cost and are provided fully automated online, together with online help. Obviously if you paying for a DIY service then you cannot expect a full bespoke service. However, if you have made a reasonable attempt to help yourself but cannot resolve your problem then contact support with a full description of the problem and what you have done or how you have tried to resolve the problem and I will help your.

Email me outlining your requirement or problem

TUITION - 121 and Group Workshops

For details on our "Learn as you build" and other courses click the link below.

TUITION - 121 and Group Workshops

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