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Learn as you build your website. This course is aimed at the first time builder and gently guides you through 1StopHosting's method of setting up a website. Learn as you build your website is the easiest and most practical way to learn with the benefit of a working website when you have finished your course. It is a well known fact, you are more likely to learn using all your senses on this practical hands-on approach rather than just studying books. Doing both theory and practical together makes understanding easier. Once the basics are understood then you can progress to a higher level.

This course covers
   The importance of planning
   Deciding and registering your domain
   Obtaining your Hosting
   Building your website using online web builder
   Uploading and Testing
   Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
   Setting up emails on your domain

A group workshop - is obviously cheaper since the costs are shared. Before each course we take into consideration each attendee's capabilities and objectives by sending out a questionnaire so that we can plan each course to achieve the maximum effectiveness.  One of the disadvantage is everyone has to learn at the same rate and on the same project/subject. The alternative is One 2 One which has the advantage the course is designed to cover the needs of one individual who dictates the speed and what is to be learnt.

These courses can cover from simple to advance techniques on all aspects of web building - HTML, PHP, CSS, Java, Flash (movies). Sites can be built from scratch or can use a templates which will cut the build time providing you can find template you like.

Workshop courses are run under class room conditions normally in a hired room. In numbers are kept low so that each individuals receives some personal attention.
One 2 One can be held at your place or ours or can be via the web, email, phone or a combination.

We are 100% flexible everything is designed around you and your aims. 

Templates - the advantage and disadvantages.  Templates will cut the build time but at the expense of losing the flexibility of purpose built site tailored to the precise needs.

Html code
- Websites can be built without any knowledge of the code behind the pages by using programs like Microsoft FrontPage which hides the code but has the option of viewing the code. There are many other similar programs. Some page builders use their own format which is converted to html and/or SWF on compiling so that they can be displayed on any web browser. If you wish to see the code which produces particular web page- just right click the webpage and select view source and the html code will be displayed. You can learn a lot from this but need a general knowledge of code to understand.

standard for online data bases quite often used in conjoining with PHP

the page is built by the web server, the page code includes <?php include ("_header.php"); ?> for an example. The advantage this saves rewriting the same code for each page. It ensures that the included part is the same on each page. Also updating the "include" file updates all pages. The disadvantage the page cannot be fully displayed offline since the page is built on the server. There are many PHP ready made off the shelf scripts i.e., (bulletin boards, chat windows, etc) available as well writing a special script to provide a special function.

(Cascading Style Sheets) As it's name implies is a style sheet that controls the pages. Disadvantage needs a little bit of planning to setup and discipline to use which is not a bad thing.  The greatest advantage, it keeps the styling in one place and ensures consistency between pages and changing the CSS changes all the pages without the hassle of editing each page individually.

and other scripts and codes allows many special effects within the page.

Help by the hour
- One 2 one tutoring or help on a specific problem or subject normally over the web/email can be very cost effective.

If you are interesting in a One 2 One or one of my workshop courses please fill in the form with your details, level of expertise and expectations and I will contact you on the cost which can be spread over the course.

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